Supply Chain Management

Facilitate business continuity to support future
business growth.
Deep Link
Supply and delivery pipelines have dozens, if not hundreds of stages, and an ability to analyze and understand the impact across many levels is essential. Our Deep Link Analytics Solution powers advanced analysis and pattern recognition to identify product delays, shipment status, and other quality control and risk issues.
Model your supply chain functions and business processes in real-time, allowing the propagation of demand and supply changes through the 10+ level deep value chain to calculate potential supply outages and create recommendations for addressing those in a timely manner. Our Real-Time Analysis of your supply chain operations includes order management, shipment status, and other logistics.
Improve with Machine Learning
We generate new features for machine learning based on the analysis of as many as 10 or more levels in the supply chain. These graph computed features are fed into the machine learning solution as training data, improving the accuracy of the machine learning solution for the prediction of supply chain disruptions.

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