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Semantic Advisory

We provide your organization with awareness building, comprehensive and high-level legacy assessments, semantic migration roadmap, and semantic advisory services. We review your solution and technology stack and advise your  IT and Data leadership.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph

We remove the high cost and frustration associated with data usage We design an equal opportunity world where you give everyone what they need from an enterprise knowledge graph that works with data in context and provides powerful insights to users without the typical limitation of legacy landscapes.

Semantic Cloud Migration

  1. Reduces Project Costs by 30%, and Ensure nothing is left behind
  2. Predictability Restored By ensuring you are not being one of the 80% of organizations that conduct a lift-and-shift migrations that will not achieve meaningful cost savings.
  3. We make sure you are not one of the 83% of data migrations that exceed the budget, get behind schedule, or simply fail

Semantic Data Protection

All in Privacy Advisor plus the following.

  • Creation and maintenance of following in a tool with access to one person inhouse:
  • records of processing activity
  • risk register
  • Individual rights register
  • Data breach register
  • Privacy decision log
  • Training for all you staff
  • Quarterly or Monthly Alignment Meeting – as per needs
  • Need based updates on legislative changes

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