Cyber Security with Graph-based Approach: How and Why

As digitization and internet technology continues to thrive in the world, companies and the workforce are collecting more data about their customers. Analyzing customer data is essential in the digitized market. The customer’s ID, contact number, email, etc., are collected as per data privacy rules and regulations. The customer information must be guarded securely, not to lose customer trust in the company or product. By creating economic value to the data, we can also increase the business value. In this section, we talk about data monetization benefits for the smooth running of the business. 


Data leaks in public domains like banks can put an individual to risk due to the scams. It is vital for health, finance, education, and other such sectors to secure their data. Banks contain large volumes of consumer data. If used effectively, it can generate new revenue streams and maintain customer loyalty for a long time. Data monetization in banks will require building deep connections with the customers in terms of privacy and other requirements from the start. These factors can be used as design principles in producing new products and services in the market. As per the data accumulated by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 2019, only about 10% of companies reported that they had met the data analysis targets set in 2016! And they still have a long way to go with their new set goals. 

The finance sector has gradually advanced towards electronic data storage making use of AI, machine learning, and data monetization to secure all the valuable data of the consumers. With the majority of payment gateways turning into online payments and UPI methods, it is crucial to gain customer trust with data privacy standards. Data science and monetization, along with fraud analytics, ensure real-time transactions within seconds. The data monetization in banks streamlines the entire business process and provides transparency to the customers regarding their data and critical decisions. 


Successful data monetization requires cybersecurity in full swing. Both, data monetization and fraud analytics help prevent data leakage and loss of revenue. A third-party buyer will not prefer your data if it is not secure from unauthorized access. 

  • Data monetization serves data anonymity and can pinpoint the fraud activity on the servers. The unstructured data from the customers are most vulnerable to cybercrime. 
  • Data monetization helps in data optimization and identifies unusual activities and hidden patterns in the data when the fraud occurs. 
  • Data integration is another crucial factor. If your data is accurate, complete, consistent, and reliable, it can be stored for as long as you need it. The data from numerous sources must be integrated into a standard format and handled correctly by the internal users. Thorough data validation and error check ensure that the information is protected from malicious users.  
  • Ensure that your data monetization supports multiple formats like XML, Excel, SQL, Sybase, Oracle, etc. This way, the files can be protected on all platforms. 
  • As your business grows and data increases, make sure that the data monetization and fraud analysis also scales up. The chosen platform must withstand and map numerous data with advanced technology. 
  • Ensure your data is protected with proactive fraudulence detection that notices the potential areas for unusual activities before it occurs at any given time.

The demand for data monetization is increasing day by day. Business owners want to ensure they maintain customer loyalty and attract more crowd traffic to their platform. With the benefits of data monetization and fraud analytics, one can explore numerous opportunities and potential growth in the business. Ensuring safe data also improves the relationship with their sponsors and partners. In today’s world, it is of utmost importance to use advanced technology to save and protect all your data from scams to ensure the smooth running of your services.


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