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Data Literacy and Data Culture Reset

Active, engaged data governance requires an educated staff. We offer computer-based Data Governance courses to convey the skills and techniques needed to motivate staff and help them to succeed Data Awareness – (Introduction) – aimed at imparting practical principles of data literacy to everyone in the organization who uses a computer Data Stewards – (Intermediate) – aimed at business data experts entrusted with representing the data interests of a business line Domain Stewards – (Advanced) – aimed at business leaders and recognized subject matter experts

AI Education & Research Program

LEAD THE MARKET: We help in empowering your business with AI which gives out great results and efficiently helps you lead the market CHOOSE THE RIGHT PATH: Our team of experts is always there to guide you whenever you feel stuck or have a doubt about the technology UNIFIED TEAM: We facilitate the AI processes setup map and help you organize the work and your team making sure that it functions efficiently

Training to fit every need of data privacy

Data Privacy Training/Education/Courses – Training to fit every need of data privacy. The offered courses helps to manage privacy situations with solid knowledge, specialize in data privacy laws. Provides in-depth view on privacy and technology. Help in creation of a privacy strategy, and setup of governance and creating a culture of privacy where the business teams owns privacy actions.

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