Cyber and DPO

Data Protection Officer Services to protect
data and keep your business compliant.
Cyber Threat Analytics
Guard your organization with real-time Graph Analytics to detect cybersecurity threats. Block cyber threats by detecting interconnected events, devices, and people.
DPO Lineage Discovery
Put an end to costly, lengthy, manual processes of lineage collection and updating. Trust in Data is a complete image of end-to-end lineage adjusted to every user’s technical understanding.
Data Cataloging for DPO
Make all your data assets from data tables to BI reports, instantly discoverable. Our powerful search algorithms combined with an easy browsing experience make finding the right asset a breeze.
The ability to instantaneously connect and disconnect devices, control systems and network zones for data isolation, and mitigation of zero-day or ransomware incidents, via a virtual Kill-Switch called Goldilock is at your fingertips. Get total control of your data and infrastructure, save money and sleep better.

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