Customer sentiment analysis

Detect sentiments when customers interact with
your products, services, or brand.
Unstructured data
Our groundbreaking solution automates the transformation of large volumes of unstructured textual data into a relational database, preventing your data lake from becoming polluted with meaningless data. It reads, integrates, and prepares unstructured data that is ready to go into standard technologies such as Oracle, DB2, Teradata, and NT SQL Server. Once the unstructured data resides in any of those technologies, common analytical tools such as Power BI, Qlik Sense, ThoughtSpot, Tableau, and other analytical and BI Visualization technologies can be used to access, analyze, and present your unstructured data. The combination of our solution and these applications will help your organization to analyze and extract new insight from unstructured textual data that was previously obsolete.
Our video and voice analytics engine is designed to add clarifying insights to video and audio data. The Engine analyzes speech, objects, and other data elements to detect emotions, speech patterns, text, and other sentiments using AI & deep ML. Videos stored on any smart device or posted to social media outlets can be analyzed by the Clarity Prism to extract the facts from the data using the power of machine learning. After the data is analyzed, a “Polarization Report” is provided that, when given to the proper authorities, can be a tool to promote transparency and facilitate fair and objective outcomes.

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