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For those willing to commit to a
data-centric future.

Data & AI Strategy Advisory

We create simple and highly effective data and AI assessment and strategies, for your organization. We provide you with frameworks, models, andtrade-off criteria that your teams can intuitivelyinherit andchampion in your organization.

Data Literacy and Culture

We help you get t a grasp of the data cultural levers andmanage your destiny in the information age. We design a maturity model to position and grow your organization’s data literacy through practical awareness, training, and skill assessment to propel your team forward while you learn.

Financial Servant Mentor Banking 4.0 Strategy

We will help you leverage key financial data within complex ERP and financial systems for analysis and insights that keep you at pace with the best in the industry. Our Financial Servant Mentor Banking 4.0 Strategy evaluates and optimizes your AP operations with financial data analytics., manages your cash more efficiently, and maintains your fixed assets.

Metadata Management

Make all your data assets from data tables to BI reports, instantly discoverable. Ourpowerful search algorithms combined with an easy browsing experience make finding the right asset a breeze. We auto-generate data quality profiles which makes detecting bad data dead easy. From automatic variable type detection & frequency distribution to missing values and outlier detection, we’ve got you covered

1) Self-service Search and Browse

2) Painless Access Control

3) Searchable Business Glossary

Unified Platform

Transform, Connect, and Synchronize Data Between Your Business Applications and Data>Lake in just a few clicks. Intelligent Ingest is the fastest way to integrate complex, siloed data from multiple sources. Go from raw enterprise data to conducting complex analytics in hours, not months or years

Data Lake House

Simplify BI and achieve fast time to insights with a fully-managed, cloud-native service. Enable high-performing BI dashboards and interactive analytics directly on the data lake, and eliminate the need for data warehouses

Semantic Cloud Migration

  1. Reduces Project Costs by 30% and ensures nothing is left behind
  2. Predictability Restored By ensuring you are not being one of the 80% of organizations that conduct lift-and-shift migrations that will not achieve meaningful cost savings.
  3. We make sure you are not one of the 83% of data migrations that exceed the budget, get behind schedule, or simply fail

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