Service Offerings

For those willing to commit to a
data-centric future.

Data & AI Strategy Advisory

We create simple and highly effective data and AI
assessment and strategies, for your organization.
We provide you with frameworks, models, and
trade-off criteria that your teams can intuitively
inherit and champion in your organization.

Semantic Advisory

We provide your organization with awareness
building, comprehensive and high-level legacy
assessments, semantic migration roadmap, and
semantic advisory services.
We review your solution and technology stack and
advise your IT and Data leadership.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph

We remove the high cost and frustration associated with data usage
We design an equal opportunity world where you give
everyone what they need from an enterprise
knowledge graph that works with data in context and
provides powerful insights to users without the typical
limitation of legacy landscapes.

Data Literacy and Culture

We help you get t a grasp of the data cultural levers and
manage your destiny in the information age.
We design a maturity model to position and grow your
organization’s data literacy through practical awareness,
training, and skill assessment to propel your team
forward while you learn.

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