Challenges Faced by Data Science Students

  • Students lack access to a standard industry tool.
  • No single platform is available for multiple data formats and students juggle work across multiple platforms.
  • Students face skepticism and encounter difficulties in obtaining the “correct model” for practical application.
  • There is an unfamiliarity when it comes to finding the most accurate way to detect hyperparameters.
  • Students find it difficult to optimize AI models for Edge Devices and Servers in real-world AI applications.
  • Students receive little or no hands-on experience in AI model development.
  • Students are unable to obtain corporate certification for completing AI projects.
  • Students don’t receive data literacy training as part of their core curriculum to be equipped for the job market where data literacy is considered a core marketable skill.
  • Students don’t have data literacy training or a good understanding of data and the impact of data on AI model development and management and data’s important on AI model outcomes.


AVANT AI Labs is an Industrial Standard Learning Platform for Universities,
where Students can upgrade their AI skills in the AI World with AVANT AI Labs.
AVANT AI Labs will be deployed at University Premises to perform following actions:

A two in one solution- Data literacy on demand via your mobile and Avant AI Labs.

AI Model Inferencing, Serving, & Training Platform for Students.

Develop AI models with different versions with accuracy in AI Lab’s.

Opportunity to work on Real World Data with Academic knowledge and Students can Annotate real-world data using Industrial Standard Platform with all the formats (VOC, COCO, CSV, Etc).

Data literacy is available on demand at your fingertips via all your devices including your mobile.

You can learn different data literacy topics wherever and whenever you want. Get quick insights and answers on data and how it is impacting your AI model

Students Performance & Tracking of AI Projects can be done on AI Labs for Professors.

One stop Platform for University Researchers can develop the AI IP’s on AI Labs.

Centralized & Data Management Platform where Easy Knowledge Transfer of AI Models from Old Students to New Students can occur thereby promoting easy learning.

Benefits of Data Literacy on Mobile with Avant AI Labs






Available On Demand At Your Fingertips

Benefits of Data Literacy Training On Demand

  • Comprehensive understanding of data assets, data roles, data ethics and data ecosystems.
  • Good data culture trait development to be successful at work
  • Smoother workforce entry
  • Data Literacy certification

One All-in Solution, One-All in Price Avant AI Labs & Data Literacy