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We are data management geniuses

Our next-gen solutions help to build better data-driven risk models that can detect changes and abnormalities instantly.

Our graph analysis helps you have your very own personalized customer segment that helps generate greater profits for you.

Our processes can trace every change-even of third-party applications to its very source and ensure ease of data accessibility.

Fastrack your business performance and scale to new heights with our smart data management processes.

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Reshaping Redesigning Restarting Revitalizing Your Business

We create multiple revenue streams for you with new market entry opportunities.

We help you build business resilience & robust cybersecurity control.

We rewrite your growth story by providing the latest technology and building a premium-level customer experience


The World’s First-Ever Data Management Consultancy led by

a Chief Data Officer & Team of Award-Winning, Accomplished Data Experts.


CEO and Co-Founder

Cortnie Abercrombie

Former IBM CDO Community VP Responsible AI and Bias Expert

Bill Inmon

The Father of Data Warehousing Pioneering Textual Analysis

Data advisory board

Cortnie Abercrombie
CEO - AI Truth
Doug Laney
Data & Analytics Innovation Fellow at West Monroe
Michael Hansen
Lecturer at Cooke University, Singapore
Dr. Peter Aiken
Associate Professor of Information Systems
Bill Inmon
The Father of Data Warehousing
Dave McComb
President at Semantic Arts
Michael Conlin
Chief Technology Officer at Definitive Logic
Peggy Tsai
Chief Data Officer at BigID
Dr. Stefano Bonfa
Founder of Oxford Sustainable Development Enterprise

Executive Management

Ben Rijnders
Business Development Director
Gus Saggu
Chief Financial Officer
Kyle Morton
Business Development Executive

CDO Management

Michael Servaes
CDO| DPO | Independent Consultant
Anthony Palella 
CDO Executive Practitioner and Innovator
Wade Walker
Senior Chief Data Officer

Business Development

Garrick Bruce
Sales Executive
Mohammed Ibrahim
Sales Executive

Data Innovation Consortium Experts

Francis Mbunya
Climate Management and Forestry Consultant
Lara Gureje
Data Governance Consultant
Alan Morrison
Knowledge Graph Research Consultant
Ralf Muller
CISO Expert consultant
Keith Oborn
Independent Advisory Consultant
Melanie Mecca
Data Literacy Consultant
Punit Bhatia
Data Protection Consultant
Robert Greaves
Sigma Senior Data Consultant

Data Innovation Consortium Academia

Hamit Hamutcu
Initiative for Analytics and Data Science Standards (IADSS)

Data Consultancy

Ahmed Mohannad Taha
Data Analyst
Celestino Filipini
Data Enterprise Architect
Jonathan Parker
Senior Data Specialist
Subhajit Kumar Sarkar
Senior Data Architect
Bilal Ben Mahria
Knowledge Engineer
Francesco Puppini
Senior Data Technology Consultant
Anindya Nandi
Senior Data Strategic Director
Jayant Kumar Sahoo
Senior Data Architect
Sheikh Adil Anwar
Senior Data Analyst
Tahir Khan
Data Scientist & Knowledge Graph Engineer
Lakshmi Mohankumar
Senior Data Technology Consultant

Business Operations Team

Mohammad Haroon Ehsan
Technical Support and IT
Cynthia Ndunduma
Business Operations Manager
Kaja Kurowska
Business Operations Administrator


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